‘I want to be a mother again, but nature doesn’t allow it’

Adriane Galisteu told, in a live interview with “OtaLab”, that she wants to be a mother once again. The presenter already has Vittório, 11 years old, and shared with Otaviano Costa the desire to increase the family with businessman Alexandre Iodice.

Maybe I just get one chance, doing in vitro, or a surrogacy or adopting a child and experiencing that love. (…) But it’s only worth an addendum: it’s just mine, because Alexandre is very happy with only one child. It has to be in the coup (laughs).


The new host of “The Farm” said she had tried, in recent years, to get pregnant again, with hormonal treatments. “Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work,” revealed the blonde, who just wasn’t a mother earlier for fear of disrupting her professional life.

If you ask me about a regret in life, I say: it’s taken so long to be a mother. I spent my life terrified of having a child. I had Vitório at 38. I thought it didn’t fit with my career at that time.

And he described the mother’s love:

Suddenly, I experience the greatest love of all of my life and I’m in shock. Now I want to have more and I can’t, nature says no.

Galistian - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Galisteu and his family have just returned from a vacation in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates

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hard period off TV

In addition to revealing his desire to give Vittório a brother, Galisteu told Ota about the difficult period he lived through, in the eight years he spent away from open TV: “I was out of breath and I thought I was going to die”, Adriane vented, describing the “getting in the fridge” feeling of entertainment.

For me, being out of breath was like being without an arm. My whole life has been on television, within this universe, with music, talk shows, soap operas, theater… Suddenly, I find myself out of breath, after 18 consecutive years.

More in-depth in ‘The Farm’

During the interview, Adriane gave details of how she is going to present “A Fazenda”, and highlighted its main difference to Marcos Mion and others who have been through the program. “It’s no use, we [mulheres] we are not better, but we are very different. My way of seeing the program… Do you know the detail? The c* of the mosquito? This is a woman thing,” she joked.

The presenter also promised a lot of fun with the crap that has already become a feature of the show. “If you think Mion liked fire in hay, you haven’t seen Galisteus.” Ota and Adriane also talked about her personal life, which recalled her travels and moments with her ex-boyfriend, Ayrton Senna.

In addition to Galisteu, the “OtaLab” in UOL yesterday had the participation of digital influencer Alex Brito, Bota Pó, and singer MC Loma. In the conversation with Ota, Loma revealed that he refused invitations to participate in “A Fazenda”, by Record TV, and in “De Vacation Com o Ex”, by MTV.

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