Impure outside Globoplay and Prime Video? Know where to watch Season 3 · TV News

The third season of Impuros finally debuted with the arrival of Star+ in Brazil this Tuesday (31). Exclusive to Disney’s new streaming service, the new episodes cannot be seen on other platforms that have previous seasons of the series in their catalogs, such as Globoplay and Prime Video.

The impossibility of counting on the new season put in question the fate of the series in other services. In the case of Globoplay, Impuros already has a date to leave the platform: September 30th. This means that in order to watch the unpublished episodes, you must subscribe to Star+.

The continuity of Impuros in Prime Video is uncertain. Unlike Globoplay, Amazon’s service does not notify the platform when its non-original productions will leave the catalog.

Asked by the TV news, Prime Video has not yet given an official position on the fate of Impures until the publication of this text. This text will be updated if the response is sent.

In addition to the first two full seasons, the ten third-year episodes of the series are now available on Star+. To watch the series, fans need to pay R$ 32.90, the monthly subscription fee for the service.

For those who are already Disney+ subscribers, Mickey’s studio offers a combo that includes both platforms for R$45.90 per month. If the option is for the annual plan, the package costs R$ 329.90.

The new season has the return of Raphael Logam (Men), Rui Ricardo Diaz (Lula, son of Brasi), Cyria Coentro (Entre Irmãs), Lorena Comparato (Cine Holliúdy), André Gonçalves (Jesus, from Record), Sergio Malheiros ( Totally Too Much) and Leandro Firmino (City of God) and continues the story of drug trafficker Evandro do Dendê and police officer Victor Morello.

According to the official synopsis, the third year shows Evandro (Logam) and his family heading to Paraguay, where the drug dealer expands his business by selling guns to criminal factions in Brazil, while continuing to fight for the attention of his mother Arlete (Cyria Coentro ).

Watch the trailer for the series: