In an interview, businessman explains Maicon’s departure from Grêmio

The repercussions on the departure of defensive midfielder Maicon from Grêmio fell with a bomb and took everyone by surprise. Being one of the representatives in the most winning moments in the recent history of the tricolor from Rio Grande do Sul, the midfielder marked an epoch and left his mark on the club. In an interview with radio Guaíba and radio Gaúcha, the player’s manager, Jorge Machado, explained the reasons for the sudden termination of his contract with the Grêmio team.

Did Maicon get fired from Grêmio? Club is on the edge of the cliff

“Maicon is very upset with what has happened to him, the moment and the injuries. Considering the history he has at Grêmio, we talked to the board and reached an agreement”, argued the businessman.

Symbol of a change in Grêmio’s posture on the field, the arrival of Maicon helped to lift the club from a long drought of important titles. Considered a leader in the tricolor gaucho’s locker room, the midfielder has already shown a physical decline and has struggled to maintain himself at the same level as his teammates.

“This has been talked about and has been known for a while. We hadn’t had this conversation. In the morning of this Monday and yesterday we talked, in the afternoon I talked to Grêmio. Maicon knows very well that he is a leader and he himself thought that because of what he is going through and what he represents in the locker room, he would not be in a good moment to continue helping”, said the player’s representative.

According to Jorge Machado, the decision to leave Grêmio has already been considered by the steering wheel for some time. At 35 years old, Maicon had been suffering from successive injuries and did not show the same physical vigor as years ago.

“If you remember, when we renewed the last contract, Maicon even knew it might not come to an end. He made it clear that the moment he felt he could no longer contribute to injuries and not being able to develop he would stop. We spoke with the Grêmio board, which was very receptive and we reached a common agreement. It was for both, both parties. There was a consensus that this was best for the group. We decided to end this beautiful and victorious cycle”, highlighted the businessman.

Carrying within his chest a huge affection for Grêmio, Jorge Machado stressed that the defensive midfielder will be eternally remembered at the club.

“It wouldn’t be fair, given his trajectory at the club, for him to go through this. With so much injury, he tried to help in every way, but sometimes things don’t go as expected”, said the player’s manager.

About the player’s future, Machado was evasive and preferred not to reveal further details.

“Maicon will take time to recycle. He was a very present guy in the last six years”, he stated.

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Images: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA