iPhone 13 May Make Emergency Satellite Calls, Rumor Says | Telephony

The iPhone 13 may have a satellite connection system that would allow users to communicate even in regions without 3G, 4G or 5G coverage. That’s what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for his high degree of correctness when it comes to Apple, points out. This would be possible with the use of “Low Orbit Satellite Communication” (LEO) technology.

According to the Bloomberg, however, the next iPhone would have the necessary hardware for satellite communication, but the feature might not be ready until 2022. In addition, the functionality would only be for emergency calls, in crisis situations.

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According to an alleged note sent to investors, iPhone 13 users will be able to send and receive SMS messages and make calls, all with the Qualcomm X60 band chip. The satellite that would provide the connection to this system would be a Starlink, from the company SpaceX, from Elon Musk.

Another rumor indicates that other cellphone makers are waiting for the launch of the X65 chip in 2022 to bring this type of technology to their products. Qualcomm would even be working directly with Globalstar, a company that has its own satellite network, to provide the necessary support to the n53 band, used by them for this type of communication.

Also according to Kuo, the best prospect for the consumer is that operators make a direct agreement with Globalstar to use its communication network, so that new contracts and individual extra expenses are not necessary.

In 2019, the TechAll reported that Apple would be investing in its own communication satellite network, which could start operating in the year 2024. The objective would be greater independence of services from telephone operators.

To date, Apple has not confirmed or denied any of this information, and all of this should be regarded as rumor. The new iPhone 13 and its lineup of variants are expected to be announced in the coming months and hit stores in 2021.

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