Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley earn more than R$ 10 million in salaries

J. Paul (left) defeated T. Woodley (right) on a split decision by the judges. Photo: Playback/Twitter @ShowtimeBoxing

The loss to youtuber Jake Paul last Sunday (29) may have tarnished the former UFC champion’s career Tyron Woodley, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have reason to smile after the duel. This Tuesday (31), the North American website MMAJunkie.com revealed that Paul and Woodley received US$ 2 million (approximately R$ 10.4 million) in wages for the fight.

Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by split decision of the lateral judges in an eight-round boxing match that marked the debut of the former UFC welterweight (77 kg) champion in the noble art.

The amount received by Woodley in the loss to Jake Paul represents a little less than half of the athlete’s gains during his entire career in the UFC. According to the MMA Payout website, the former welterweight champion accumulated around US$4.9 million (approximately R$25 million).

It is important to remember that the $2 million received by Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley they are just the wages of the fight. Profits from pay-per-view sales, which probably represent the majority of athletes’ earnings, ticket percentages or other bonuses were not disclosed.

Critical of the financial treatment UFC fighters receive from the organization, Jake Paul said before the fight that he would distribute part of his salary to the fighters who played on Sunday’s card, so that everyone would receive “the biggest pay they’ve ever received as fighters. ”.