James Gunn suggests which character may have survived

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Attention: Spoilers Alert!

James Gunn couldn’t help but choose who would die in The Suicide Squad. Many super-villains did not resist even the first few minutes of the film, but during a watch party on Twitter, the director revealed a survivor who went unnoticed.

We are talking about TDK, played by a personal friend of Gunn: Nathan Fillion. His powers involve disconnecting his arms and using them to attack enemies from a distance and, in the long run, this is the reason for his defeat.

at the beach scene in Maltese cut, when the first division of the Task Force X falls into an ambush, TDK is one of the first to perish after receiving a barrage of gunfire in his arms. The attack appears to have a direct effect on the anti-hero’s body, but despite the pain, the wounds weren’t deadly.

Almost all members of this mission ended up dead

Confirmation came directly from James Gunn, who highlighted in a publication an important detail in the film:

“Important to note that if you look at the vitals at the communication center, TDK hasn’t been presumed dead,” points the director.

Who really liked this news was actor Nathan Fillion, who insisted on answering the tweet telling how his reaction was when he found out that he was still alive in the rest of the film:

“I made a noise the moment I noticed it when I saw it in the movies. Sorry again for the inconvenience,” said the actor.

TDK survived the beach

As the character survived this massacre, there are chances of a triumphant return in a series or possible sequel. Where would you like to see TDK? Be sure to comment!

The Suicide Squad will reach the catalog of HBO Max coming soon.

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