Joaquim Lopes shows the faces of his identical twins and surprises

Actor Joaquim Lopes showed his identical twin daughters in a rare appearance and enchanted

The actor Joaquim Lopes and his wife, singer Marcella Fogaça, delighted by showing the faces of their identical twin daughters, girls Sophia and Pietra, four months old. Marcella showed the small ones on her father’s lap.

She first showed one of the girls on her grandfather’s lap and looking intently at him. When showing the cute scene, Marcella wrote: “Seriously chat 1”. Afterwards, Marcella Fogaça showed her other twin looking intently at her grandpa and commented: “Serious talk 2”. The singer also talked about her father’s visit: “My beautiful father came to see his granddaughters!”.

Many famous people praised the twin daughters of Joaquim Lopes. “Oh my heart”, commented actress Nanda Costa. And actress Paula Burlamaqui also said: “My God!”.

And netizens also praised the actor’s twin daughters with the singer. “Oh how cute! This phase is very good!”, commented an internet user. Another internet user also stated: “Wonderful! It goes by so quickly Marcela, ENJOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! This month my twin sister and I celebrated 45 years. And we always remember our childhood with a lot of love Detail! If my sister made an art I took the blame and vice versa. What a joy to see your princesses. God bless them always”.

Recently, Marcella Fogaça made a beautiful statement to her twin daughters with Joaquim Lopes. She appeared singing to little Pietra then commented: “Our musical afternoons. The best audience I’ve ever had in my life. When they look into my eyes and seem to pay attention to every word and melody change, my heart feels like it’s literally going to melt. We sang softly so as not to wake up Sophia, who now just hearing Mom’s voice smiles. I’m feeling very Super Star, but the biggest fan here is me and myself! Good week, beautiful people! Love it sooooooo! Love is BIG! Mother of twins!”.

Twins of Joaquim Lopes and his grandfather

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