Juliana Caetano rides a bull and announces an undressed version

Juliana Caetano, vocalist of Bonde do Forró, released on his YouTube channel the fourth episode of ‘Entrando Com Bola e Tudo’, the name of the third season of the ‘Mansão Bonde’ reality show. This time, the singer rode a mechanical bull, showed her skills and then started the competition between the other girls. In addition, the artist announced a prohibited underage version of the famous reality show.

“I love riding the mechanical bull. Oh, what a joy”, shot Juliana at the beginning of the video. “There will be a version of the girls here on the bull with clothes and another without clothes.”, she said, asking interested parties to sign the contents of the ‘Mansão Bonde’ WhatsApp.

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Juliana Caetano rides a mechanical bull and announces an undressed version (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

Then, the muse commented that in the dispute, the young woman who could stand the longest on the mechanical bull would win. For the competition available on YouTube, the girls wore plaid shirts and panties, showing off their beautiful curves and a lot of sensuality.

In the end, it was the ‘Camarote’ team who got the better of the mount. The girls of ‘Peleja’, on the other hand, continue to suffer the troubles of the most unusual reality show in Brazil. Check out the full episode:

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