Jungkook left BTS to become an interior designer

With regard to the weekly episodes of Run BTS!, fans don’t get tired of seeing BTS members having a lot of fun taking on many different tasks. The last episode was no different as the members continued their challenge to become interior designers. In addition to the BTS members, there is another person who is seen as a superstar in the eyes of the ARMYs: the cameraman!

During previous episodes, fans have seen the group’s cameraman struggle in a variety of ways. Because he has to chase members and be locked in a cell, there’s no denying that he deserves a pay raise.

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In the last episode, many assumed the cameraman could take a break. It felt like a much calmer atmosphere with the members all staying in one place and quietly making furniture and painting walls. However, it seems that it may have been an illusion, as the cameraman was suddenly faced with a new set of challenges. During the episode, maknae Jungkook seemed to have found a new talent and appreciation for furniture construction and spent most of the video focused on his work.

Still, although it was adorably cute and the fans didn’t get tired, it became a struggle for the cameraman to actually collect any footage of Jungkook’s face while he had his back to the camera, concentrating on his project. Well, for a while, Jungkook dropped out of BTS to focus on his interior design career.

Jungkook plays hide and seek with the BTS team without them noticing

Jungkook, from BTS, never misses an opportunity to have fun, its members or the team! Recently, BTS released a new episode of BANGTANTV with behind-the-scenes footage of Gayo Daejeon from 2020. Excerpts from the Christmas versions of “Black Swan” and “Dynamite” were included, including the hilarious fallout of RM.

(PHOTO: Reproduction)

After a long day of filming, BTS broke up and recorded a video message for fans. When Jungkook realized he wasn’t fully inside the frame, he approached and decided to provoke the team! The game? “Make the camera operator’s job more difficult than necessary.”


Jungkook is an expert at this game, having pushed his cameras to the limit during the Run BTS! episodes. Fortunately, no racing was involved at this point. As its members talked about filming in the hometowns of Daegu, Suga and V, Jungkook continued to play hide and seek, getting more dramatic by the minute.

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Finally, RM realized what he was doing. Some leaders may scold their maknae for playing like this, but not RM. He looked at the silly younger member of the BTS with pure affection in his eyes. As for Jungkook, he shone brighter than “Dynamite”, delighted to be caught. Mission Accomplished?

Check out the full video:

BTS: With a clean face, Jin shows off natural beauty and delights fans

No wonder that Jin, a member of BTS, became known as “Worldwide Handsome” (worldly handsome). This Sunday, August 29th, the artist shared clicks without makeup and drew sighs from fans.

The photos, which are almost identical, were posted on the official BTS Twitter account. In them, Jin appears posing in front of the mirror. Check out:

Fans, of course, were delighted and raved about it. Check out the repercussion:

Astro do BTS sells out 10,000 copies of photocards in 5 minutes

Indonesian technology company Tokopedia releases special photocards of BTS members every day, allowing fans to order them online. On August 19th, it was Jin’s turn and the copies sold out at an impressive speed.

According to AllKpop, the 10,000 copies were sold in just 5 minutes. Tokopedia’s official Twitter account has already posted about the total exhaustion. Jin is very famous in Indonesia and known by the nickname “Mas Ganteng” (Mr. Handsome).

(Photo: Play/Allkpop)

Jin reveals disgusting curiosity about BTS member

This Thursday (19), BTS members, RM and Jin made a live and ended up entertaining the fans. At one point, Jin revealed a very “disgusting” curiosity about Jungkook.

Jin ended up letting Jungkook go two days without washing his hair. He took the opportunity to say that unlike his friend, he is very clean: “Ah I washed my hair this morning I’m a very clean man“he joked. However, it also revealed that his record for not washing his hair was 6 days. But, the BTS member explained that he doesn’t worry about washing when he doesn’t have work.