Jungkook makes hilarious fuss and BTS stars band together to help him

Jungkook, from BTS, has already shown that he is talented in many things, such as music, sports and visual arts, but even the golden maknae gets in the way sometimes.

In episode 149 of Run BTS!, the group continued their bedroom decor challenge, which involved painting the walls and assembling furniture.

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Jimin and Suga argued non-stop about everything, but took a break from their games when they realized that Jungkook was having difficulties.

Jimin asked how the assembling of a bookcase was going and Jungkook just moaned, “Oh, we’re doomed.” Jimin wanted to know what was wrong, but Jungkook avoided answering by singing a song.

“Looks like he’s in trouble,” Suga said. “Did you forget something?” wanted to know. Jungkook just laughed and continued singing.

Suga and Jimin soon teamed up to encourage Jungkook and praise his work. “People only use one shelf. It’s in fashion these days,” joked Jimin. Suga added: “Who uses all the shelves? One is good enough.”

That’s when Jungkook confessed: the shelf wasn’t the problem. The entire bookcase was the problem! “It’s upside down,” he said.

Jimin had no reaction and all seemed lost, but Jungkook wasn’t ready to give up. Neither are your fellow group members. Suga and Jimin thought of solutions to save Jungkook’s project. Once the issue was resolved, the two continued their hilarious discussions.

Check the moment (with English subtitles):

BTS star sets record for birthday live views

It’s no coincidence that Jungkook’s nickname is golden maknae! The BTS star has just added another record to his list. This time, the achievement was in the V LIVE app – he now owns the most watched broadcast on the platform.

The live, made this Tuesday (August 31st), was to celebrate his birthday together with the fans. Jungkook turns 24 on September 1st, but as South Korea’s time zone is different from Brazil, celebrations start earlier here.

The broadcast lasted two and a half hours and set a record for most watched by gathering 20.4 million views. In addition, the live received over 65.5 million comments and 2.2 billion likes. Total success!

Remember that Jungkook had already reached 22 million views in one of his recent lives, but the achievement came before the platform changed the viewing rules.