Know who are the pedestrians who are already confined

The Farm 13 is coming to Record’s screen. The most anticipated rural reality show of the year promises to stir the emotion of the public and celebrities, called pedestrians. A season that has already won a slogan and will feature several new features, all to entertain the viewer who is a fan of the millionaire competition.

Under the command of Adriane Galisteu, Fazenda 13 will have 8 cameras available on Record’s streaming platform. PlayPlus subscribers will watch first hand and in full, everything that happens with the famous confined in Itapecerica da Serra. The investment promises to bring new users to the São Paulo broadcaster’s digital content channel.

Pedestrians also increased to the public’s surprise. We will have an addition this year, to start the new edition and the changes that Record implemented. Adriane Galisteu will interact with 21 famous people in all, 20 celebrities will already enter the headquarters in the interior of São Paulo. The public decides who will be the 21st participant of the reality through popular vote.

The pre-confinement that was scheduled to start this Friday (3), in São Paulo, has already started. Erasmo Viana, ex-husband of Gabriela Pugliesi, arrived in the land of the drizzle last weekend and is in preparation. Nego do Borel also disclosed on social networks that he was embarking in the city, leaving his commitments open.

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Marina Ferrari, DJ, ex-affair of Rodolffo Matthaus and digital influencer, doesn’t hide it at all. She’s already posted several videos at the hotel and the beauty’s excuse was a trip to watch the premiere of a Marvel movie. Internet users have already seen the girl packing her suitcase next to her personal organizer.

Who is very tense is Wesley Safadão, the singer will accompany his ex-wife and mother of his son on the screen of Record. Mileide Mihaile was also in São Paulo enjoying a luxury hotel, the presence of the beauty is already causing quite a stir in the corridors of Barra Funda and Rodrigo Carelli’s expectations are high.

Bil Araújo or Arcrebiano are also staying in São Paulo. It’s already the 3rd reality that the model and digital influencer gets this year. At Globo, he was in No Limite 5 and Big Brother Brasil 21, he even had advertisements on closed social networks to celebrate his entry into A Fazenda. Fans are watching the heartthrob’s transformation.

Tati Quebra Barraco and Dayane Mello are also not late. In São Paulo, the two are already taking advantage of the trip to do publicity and partnerships and enter renewed in the rural reality with the presentation of Adriane Galisteu. If it depends on the quoted cast, the edition is already synonymous with success.

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