La Casa de Papel: Indian company to give employees time off for season 5 premiere – Series News

The first part of the fifth and final season of the series La Casa de Papel hits the Netflix catalog on September 3rd.

One of Netflix’s most anticipated releases for September, the first part of the fifth and final season of La Casa de Papel hits the Netflix catalog this Friday (3rd). And it seems that even companies have joined the wave of the series, as a technology company in India, called Verve Logic, decided to give its employees a day off during the premiere of the new episodes of La Casa de Papel so they can enjoy the last season of production.

The company Rajasthan (largest state in India) allowed its employees to take a vacation on September 3rd and even declared the holiday as “Netflix and Chill holiday” – in translation it is something like “Netflix and a relaxing vacation”. And it doesn’t stop there, as the CEO of the private company insisted on sending a letter to its employees to formally announce the holiday, which shows the popularity of La Casa de Papel.

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“We took this initiative not only to save an attack on our e-mails with fake sheets, to see bunk beds en masse and numbers being shut down, but because we know that ‘Sometimes moments of relaxation are the best energy pills in your work”, said the letter signed by Abhishek Jain, who added: “So, grab the popcorn and be prepared to say a final goodbye to our dearest teacher and the entire caste,” he wrote.

The official Netflix India account ran a post about the tech company’s move, saying, “We had the ‘banking job’ excuse ready for our boss, but this is fantastic!” Check out the post:

What will be the story of season 5 of La Casa de Papel?

Picking up where season four left off, season five of La Casa de Papel will take place again, and most notably, at the Bank of Spain, with the gang trying to complete the gold theft and get out safely. And after the tense ending left by season four, last season’s trailer reveals the beginning of a grand war for the lead gang.

In the trailer, we also have some glimpses of the unfolding of the season four finale and shows that, apparently, the Professor (Álvaro Morte) couldn’t manage to escape the clutches of Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) – who can switch sides and ally with thieves in the final season of La Casa de Papel – after being surprised by the detective in the last episode we saw. Therefore, the gang will need to get by without the leader’s guidance and Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) can take the lead in the risky operation to escape the assailants, now that the aquatic reservoir has been discovered, as the Professor announces.

Without success with the plans of Gandía (José Manuel Poga), the Spanish authorities take a more aggressive plan and this time it is the military army that attacks our gang. Apparently, it is in this new core that there is a new great villain of the season, who will be played by actor José Manuel Seda. Learn more about him here at AdoroCinema!

Volume 1 of Season 5 of La Casa de Papel hits the Netflix catalog on September 3rd and volume 2 on December 3rd.

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