Leo Picon defends himself after calling the child a ‘drug dealer’ in Recife

Leo Picon defended himself after getting involved in a controversy over the word he chose to refer to a boy while traveling in Recife. The businessman recorded a series of stories for his Instagram, speaking in Spanish, when he decided to show how to speak to a “drug dealer” in the city of Pernambuco. He then filmed while asking a child on the street for information. In the video, he wrote: “information dealer“.

The video had a negative repercussion for the way Leo treated the boy. The influencer used his networks to fend off criticism and said he was taken out of context.

“I had been making several videos in Spanish and dealing with what I was experiencing on a daily basis, there in Spanish, in a joking way, as if it were something focused on the Spanish mafia because hablar en espanol is a lifestylehe joked. “I referred to a child as a drug dealer and I filmed that. I made a point of writing ‘information trafficker’ because, well, within the whole context…”.

“Now they take this excerpt from the video and put it on various portals and it keeps coming out that I called a child a drug dealer, they start raising elitism and whatever, when in fact it has nothing to do with it,” he said. “It was a game in which, obviously, when you take it, fragment it and put it out of context, it’s easy. It’s a dish made for anyone who wants to attack me, for anyone who wants to discredit me, for anyone who wants to create a narrative that plays against me.” Leo also stressed that he was in the capital of Pernambuco to start a project aimed at youth entrepreneurship and that he does not condone illegal activities.

“I fight a lot to be able to express myself and do the things I like to do, that I amuse myself, that generate a smile. I didn’t humiliate anyone, I didn’t mean to. To take such a small fragment of this trip, fifteen seconds in which I’m talking as a character, I’m playing a parade in Spanish and they put it hurts me a lot. Within a character, within a joke, this line doesn’t have all the weight you’re putting”, he guaranteed.