‘Let’s celebrate in style’

This Wednesday morning, Duilio Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians, used his social networks to congratulate the club for its 111 years of history. Timão celebrates its birthday this 1st of September.

“Good morning, Faithful. Congratulations Corinthians. 111 years of pride, tradition and many achievements to celebrate. Today is a day of many joys, announcements and surprises. Let’s celebrate in great style, as only Fiel knows how to do. Go Corinthians! “, wrote Duilio on his profile on Twitter.

Duilio Monteiro Alves congratulated Corinthians for their 111 years of history


Timão’s representative, elected for the position in November 2020 and in office since January 4, 2021, highlighted that the day will be one of many joys for the Alvinegra fans. This Wednesday, at 7:10 pm (reference time to the year the club was founded), Timão will hold a commemorative live with several attractions, announcements and surprises directly from Neo Química Arena.

Even before the celebrations, Duilio has already made Corinthians’ 111th anniversary more exciting for fans. In the last two months, the Corinthians president sought six reinforcements, four of which were heavier for the team. In addition to goalkeeper Carlos Miguel and full-back João Pedro, Duilio closed with midfielders Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Willian, as well as striker Róger Guedes – the last two should have a special moment in this Wednesday’s live.

Former President Andrés Sanchez also congratulated Corinthians

With three terms at the helm of Corinthians, the former president of the club, Andrés Sanchez also congratulated Timão for the 111 years of life.

In his first term at the club, Andrés experienced Timão’s worst moment in 2007, the year he was relegated, but he was also present in the team’s restructuring from 2011 onwards.

After that, Andrés returned to his post in 2018, where he stayed until January this year. During this period, Corinthians was twice Paulista champion (2018/19). Despite the cups, the club also lived financially critical moments, reaching almost a billion dollar debt.

Former President of Corinthians, Andr


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