Luana Piovani displays a cracked belly and draws compliments

Luana Piovani, an actress, appeared in a bikini, her belly healed and let out a tattoo on her groin in a recent click on the social network. The artist, who currently lives in Portugal, celebrated her 45th birthday!

“45 turbo engine. Grateful. Grateful, a thousand times grateful. I want so little, I have so much. My children, family, friends, profession. I am living proof that a good mother, willpower and study, guarantee post-choice success… Happy my new everything. I pray for the world and fight for it, but mine, this little world that makes my days, thank God, I’ve managed to make it good.”, he confessed.

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The praise from the followers was inevitable: “Congratulations beautiful! May Jesus greatly bless you”, “It’s great to see you so happy”, “Wonderful. I always admired your truth.”, “Congratulations, beautiful “sea” thing! Health and lots of love for you”, “Of course, in due proportion, we have a lot in common. You inspire me! Thanks”, fired.

Recently, Luana Piovani it also caused on the social network with photos in a bikini in Turkey, while on vacation, that the beauty made a point of registering on the social network.

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