Luciano Camargo’s ex-wife says that singer hasn’t talked to her son for six years, nor does she care about her granddaughter – Zoeira

Luciano Camargo’s ex-wife, Cleo Loyola, wore the social networks to say that the singer has not talked to Wesley Camargo (32), the eldest son of the countryman with her, for six years, nor does he care about his granddaughter (7). The information is from the newspaper Extra.

The artist stopped talking to his son in 2014, when Wesley was detained at the Goiânia Women’s Police Station accused of assaulting her cousin and her aunt in an argument. At the time, after the father had paid R$ 10 thousand of bail, he was released.

In 2018, Luciano recalled the situation in a post made on Instagram. “I paid (the bail) in 2014 against my will, for me, he committed a crime, yes. But, unfortunately in Brazil, this type of crime nothing comes of it. Wesley went condemned to provide service to society. Is this a pity for someone who beat his aunt?” wrote the singer. The two have not spoken since the event happened.

At the time, Wesley claimed that he had already served his sentence and that he was Brigade with his father since 2017, when he fell out with Luciano’s brother-in-law, brother of Flavia Camargo, wife of the sertanejo.

Desire of rapprochement

In August 2020, on Father’s Day, Wesley used social media to publish an open letter mentioning the removal between the two, expressing wanting to get closer to his father.

“Hi, Dad. I don’t know if we’ll meet again in this life. I remembered one poem Ferreira Gullar and I wanted, in some way, for him to reach you,” stated Wesley, referring to a text on forgetting.

make up

to the newspaper Extra, Wesley said at the time that he has not been in contact with his father since 2017, because of a family disagreement, and added that he would like to make peace with the artist.

“It’s been three years since we’ve spoken. Every family has differences, but his distance is noticeable, not only with me, but with several other family members. differences a lot with him as a teenager, but we never went that long without talking. The whole family treats me normally, with greater love. Until reunited with family in January, I did. I have a great habit with uncles, aunts and cousins… Only with him does this distance exist. Honestly, I’ve been missing the hopes to win at least a hug,” he reported.


In February 2021, Luciano brought up the subject again when he was questioned by a follower about forgiveness. She commented on a photo in which he appears with his wife and three of their four children, and the advised to forgive the eldest son.

“Taking the word of God to people. All that’s left is to learn to forgive. Holy Spirit touch your heart,” said the internet user.

“You’re wrong. I forgive even before the offense and even those who offended me and went back to offending. I just don’t live with those who have me as their enemy,” Luciano replied.