Luísa will catch Pedro II’s kiss with his former lover in ‘Nos Tempos do Imperador’ | come around

“After that, I doubt that the Countess and the Emperor will be together!”, fires the lady-in-waiting.

Mariquinha Guedes (Bruna Chiaradia) insinuates herself with Pedro II (Selton Mello) and manages to get a kiss from the monarch — Photo: Globo

In this Wednesday’s chapter, 1/9, Mariquinha Guedes (Bruna Chiaradia) is called for having a men’s clothing store. With the excuse of the trip to the North, Teresa Cristina receives the seller, who doesn’t even hide her anxiety about seeing the Emperor. Celestina doesn’t waste any time and lets Luisa slip away that the ‘shameless woman’ is already there and leaves the Countess stumped.

“You evil one! Do you know how long I’ve been standing here waiting for you? I wouldn’t do that for any other man in the world!”, fires Mariquinha when he finds Pedro II, who freezes when he meets her.

Review Teresa Cristina’s picture:

Teresa catches Pedro and Luísa kissing

Teresa catches Pedro and Luísa kissing

Teresa Cristina (Leticia Sabatella) plans to separate her husband and Countess of Barral with the help of Celestina (Bel Kutner) — Photo: Globo

The ex insinuates and makes the monarch embarrassed. Meanwhile, Teresa Cristina excuses Luísa from classes with the princesses and says that Pedro asked her to meet him in his office. It’s the perfect cue for the Countess to find the door ajar and hear laughter.

She only has to get closer to see the kiss between Pedro and Mariquinha!

Review the first time of Pedro II and the Countess of Barral:

Pedro and Luísa spend the night alone

Pedro and Luísa spend the night alone