Luxembourg clarifies lunch with Cruzeiro’s patrons: “meeting of friends”

Coach explains that he went to meet Pedro Lourenço this Tuesday afternoon (31) for a lunch with friends. Businessman encouraged hiring the technician

Vanderlei Luxemburgo clarified the afternoon lunch this Tuesday (31) with Pedro Lourenço, main sponsor of Cruzeiro and patrons of the club. The coach denied that he had asked the manager for any player and said he just went to lunch with a friend.

“Well, today was a special day, I went to meet Pedrinho [Lourenço] BH, from the supermarket. Since I arrived in Belo Horizonte, I hadn’t visited him, we’re friends, I went there to have lunch with him, for free. We talked a lot and I owed him this visit,” said the coach through his social networks.

Luxembourg also reveals that he communicated the president Sérgio Santos Rodrigues before the meeting with Pedro Lourenço.

“Just to tell you that the president [Sérgio Santos Rodrigues] you know I’ve been there, I wouldn’t meet a partner without talking to the president. No football player hiring situation was discussed. We are talking about football, obviously. About Cruzeiro, about Cruzeiro, we called the president, we talked. There was no attempt to pay FIFA or sign a player. It was a meeting with a friend, I owed him this visit,” he added.

Pedro Lourenço, in fact, was crucial in hiring Vanderlei Luxemburgo for the vacancy of Mozart Santos. The businessman was responsible for talking to the technician even before the search for Sérgio Santos Rodrigues, in July this year.

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