Marcelo de Carvalho criticizes strike by employees of RedeTV!: ‘Lamentvel’

Marcelo de Carvalho (photo: Disclosure)

After the employees of the TV network confirm this Monday afternoon (30/8) that I will go on strike, Marcelo de Carvalho, presenter and one of the founders of the station, criticized the decision through Twitter.

“Unfortunate inheritance from Getlio Vargas, a handful of union members claiming to represent our thousands of employees declares a state of strike. As you all know, broadcasters fired even national iconic artists in the pandemic. On the contrary, RedeTV did not fire anyone, it hired them”, he began.

“Even in this period that had a strong impact on the sector, we launched many new programs and formats. All employees are absolutely up to date with their salaries, evidenced by the fact that even the union couldn’t criticize it,” he continued.

“We will continue to produce, and provide security for the vast majority of employees who continue to work, producing content, information and entertainment”, he concluded Oak.

The agreement between the Radio Broadcasters Union and the TV network! it did not evolve and the station will not readjust the salaries of its employees, which prompted the declaration of a strike.

According to the TV news, from midnight on Tuesday (31/08), the workers of the channel will stop for an indefinite period. Last week, employees of RedeTV! met to demand the readjustment of salaries under the conditions provided for in the last collective labor agreement.

The list of claims had been approved during an event held last Tuesday (24/08) and, with that, the demands were sent to the company’s board the following day, which did not comply.

THE TV network sent a statement to UOL, which states: “The argument presented by the Union is totally disconnected from reality, knowing that the communication sector was one of the most seriously affected by the covid-19 pandemic and that RedeTV!, unlike other companies in the field. who notoriously practiced large payroll cuts during the period, did not. RedeTV! to continue performing its functions with the collaborators who refute such a move”.