Marrone didn’t expect Simone and Edu’s vote to leave

Fourth eliminated from “The Masked Singer Brasil”, Marrone, 56 years old, approved the experience in the music reality and said that he thought he would win a new chance in the attraction of Rede Globo after being recognized by friends Eduardo Sterbitch and Simone before being unmasked.

In an interview with “Bate-papo The Masked Singer Brasil”, the artist said that he liked to participate in the program because he had never considered having an experience so different from what he has experienced in his career as a singer.

People invited me, right, to participate in this great, wonderful program. So, like, I’ve already lived through some situations, different climates in my career, but I think this was a unique situation that I went through on this cool, wonderful program. This totally different thing, right, because I’ve done a lot of different things professionally, but I would never imagine that I would participate in something different from what I do.

Dressed as Boi-Bumbá, the singer performed with the songs “Evidências” by Chitãozinho & Xororó, “Borbulhas de Amor” by Fagner. He revealed that he needed a special job to rehearse the songs for the first time.

Actually, I do second voice, not first. So it totally reversed the situation where I went into the studio and recorded doing first voice. These songs I sang I love them all… So I did it from the heart. I sang with the greatest emotion because I’ve been listening to these songs since I was born and I love artists so much.

The Masked Singer: Boi-bumbá is eliminated from the music reality - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

The Masked Singer: Boi-bumbá is eliminated from the music reality

Image: Playback/TV Globo

Unspoken, Marrone says he was frustrated by having seen that his friends Eduardo Sterblitch and Simone, who are judges on the show, recognized him and did not vote for his continuation in “The Masked Singer Brasil”.

Simone’s shameless got it right. We are moved by the situation of someone recognizing us, as Simone recognized me. So, because she recognized me, I thought she was going to let me stay. She will give me a chance. Also the ‘viadão’ of Edu [Sterblitch], who is my friend, you know? [Pensei:] these two shameless will let me stay on the show. Simone we are really friends.

Camilla de Lucas, host of the reality show on the internet, softened by declaring that the judges were not 100% sure about her identity.

I believe she must have stuck to that ‘I think it’s the Marrone’ one, but still, yeah, she can’t be sure. I got close to fantasy and it’s hard [de saber].

The singer ended saying that he knew he would be discovered by Simone after giving tips on stage at “The Masked Singer Brasil”. “The moment she started talking and giving tips about me, I knew she was going to get it right. She was the detective,” he concluded.

battle night

The fourth night of masked battles of “The Masked Singer Brasil” had four masked people to exhibit their musical performance on the stage of the Globo reality reality show: Boi-Bumbá, Gata Espelhada, Monstro and Onça Pintada.

The four participants faced each other in two matches and the two least voted won the opportunity to make a third presentation. Thus, the judges were able to save one contestant, while the other said goodbye to the musical reality show.

Chosen as the best of the second night of the program, Jacaré won the benefit of not participating in the fights of the fourth episode, but took the stage for a special screening with the song “Bandido Corazón”, by Ney Matogrosso.

The masked Monstro and Boi-Bumbá opened the night of performances on stage at “The Masked Singer”. The character Monstro sang “As Quatro Estações”, by Sandy & Junior, while Boi-Bumbá showed his musical talent with the song “Evidências”, by Chitãozinho & Xororó.

In the audience’s preference, Monstro won the fight with 62% of the votes and put Boi-Bumbá to fight for survival in the program’s recap.

Then, the Jaguar and the Gata Espelhada took the stage for the second battle. Onça Pintada brought the song “Garçom”, by Reginaldo Rossi, and Gata Espelhada sang “Bang”, by Anitta.

Onça Pintada won the dispute and went on to the next stage of “The Masked Singer Brasil” with 60% of the votes.

In the repechage, Boi-Bumbá returned to the stage to sing the song “Borbulhas de Amor”, by Fagner. Gata Espelhada performed with the lyrics of “Fallin”, by Alicia Keys.

After discussion by the judges, Gata Espelhada was saved to continue on “The Masked Singer Brasil”. Boi-Bumbá, in turn, was unmasked and Brazil discovered that the guest was the singer Marrone.

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