Marrone, from the duo with Bruno, is unmasked as Boi-Bumbá from ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ – Zoeira

The singer brown, from the duo with Bruno, was unmasked as the character Boi-Bumbá from “The Masked Singer Brasil last Tuesday night (31). He was eliminated after losing duel against Monstro and going to the final showdown with Gata Espelhada.

Users took for granted Marrone’s identity as the folk figure after his first song of the night, “Evidências”. Juror Simone Mendes, from the duo with Simaria, also made that guess.


Tips given by Boi-Bumbá:

  • Tip 1: Defect is being stubborn
  • Tip 2: He lived many days of struggle and now he lives in glory. He is an urban legend, has been on the hit charts and is an entrepreneur.
  • Tip 3: “Shaving and barbecue, I understand”.

Simone even related the hint of entrepreneurship with the fact that Marrone owns a restaurant specializing in barbecue.

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Two more duels took place on this Tuesday’s program: Monstro x Boi Bumbá and Onça Pintada x Gata Espelhada. Jacaré did not participate in the dispute as he was elected the best of the night in the second episode.

Monster x Boi Bumbá

O monster won the first duel of the night against Boi Bumbá. Monstro sang “The Four Seasons” by Sandy & Junior.

Tips given by Monster:

Tip 1: Hobby – meditation and yoga

Tip 2: He has a lot of energy, is very agitated and has been kicked out of school a few times. Jumped out of a moving car at 8 years old. He was already federated in football.

Tip 3: “I’ve already been on the podium in an international marathon”.

Judges’ hunches for the Monster: Chay Suede (Gil do Vigor), Arthur Aguiar (Simone), Julinho Marassi (Edu Sterbitch), Gabriel Leone (Rodrigo Lombardi), Diogo Nogueira (Taís Araujo)

Jaguar x Mirrored Cat

THE Jaguar won the second duel this Tuesday against Gata Espelhada and saved himself from elimination.

Onça sang the song “Garçom” and began by giving the hint that he is 1.82 tall, in addition to saying that “I was once a very important person in Denmark”.

On social networks, Internet users are speculating that the character is the actor Alexandre Borges, for similarities in voice and clues about soap operas he has acted in.

Tip 2: As a young jaguar, she already did what she does and has been to several places, including the Indies. Have lived in Portugal

Guesses from the judges for the Jaguar: Wagner Moura (Gil do Vigor), Vladimir Brichta (Taís Araujo), Marcio Garcia (Rodrigo Lombardi), Rodrigo Veronese (Simone), Zéu Britto (Edu Sterbitch)

Gata Espelhada, who in the second episode of The Masked Singer was named as actress and singer Jeniffer Nascimento, sang “Bang”, by Anitta.

Tips given by Gata Espelhada:

  • Tip 1: Favorite food is barbecue
  • Tip 2: Life was not easy, she studied a lot and is influenced by several extraordinary cats
  • Tip 3: “I’m an independent artist”.

Guesses from the judges for the Mirrored Cat: Lelezinha (Taís Araujo), Luísa Sonza (Edu Sterblitch), Lexa (Simone), Jeniffer Nascimento (Gil do Vigor), Karin Hils (Rodrigo Lombardi)