Mayor of Sete Lagoas celebrates Cruzeiro games at Arena do Jacar

(Photo: Marcos Michelin/EM/DA Press - 08/18/2014)

the mayor of Seven lagoons, Dulio de Castro, celebrated the possibility of the cruise download games from series B from the Brazilian Championship to the Jacar’s Arena. He met on Monday (30) with the club’s marketing director, Rodrigo Moreira, and football supervisor, Pedro Moreira.

According to Dulio de Castro, Sete Lagoas is prepared to receive matches from Raposa with the public, since the COVID-19 pandemic in the city “is under control”, with all activities close to returning to “normality”. The municipality of 244,000 inhabitants recorded 23,143 cases of the disease and 605 deaths.

“We are here receiving the directors of Cruzeiro, with whom we are talking about the possibility of transferring the games to Arena do Jacar. It is a great joy to say this, as we have the pandemic under control. This is important for us to return to normality. Now, with the COVID-19 committee releasing us to the green wave, the stadium in Sete Lagoas can receive 30% occupancy”.

With more than 18 thousand seats in its original construction, Arena do Jacar currently holds 13 thousand spectators. Therefore, 3,900 fans could watch Cruzeiro in Serie B. The Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) has already authorized the club to host games in sports venues outside Belo Horizonte.

“We want to make it clear to the population that we only deliberate like this because we have the pandemic under control and that it is possible to do it with 30% without risk to the community. We are advancing the possibility that the next game at Cruzeiro, depending on the approval of the CBF, will happen here in Sete Lagoas”, highlighted the mayor.

“It’s good for Cruzeiro, for Democrata and for the city of Sete Lagoas, which receives the public, entertainment, income generation and work. God willing, let’s move on. Sete Lagoas returns to the national scene again with the Arena do Jacar”, he added.

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On the Cruzeiro side, marketing director Rodrigo Moreira highlighted the agreement “without political interference” and hinted that the team will play in Sete Lagoas.

“This entire process took place without political interference. It was a fully technical movement supported by our stadium operation team together with the committee to fight COVID, supported by the city of Sete Lagoas,” he said.

“It was a technical move, without political involvement, for Cruzeiro to manage the games in Sete Lagoas. We would like to thank the City Hall and the population of Sete Lagoas, who are hosting the Cruzeiro and welcomed it in the past when we needed to play here”, added the official.

Cruzeiro will return to play at home for Serie B, in front of Ponte Preta, at 11:00 am on Saturday, September 11, for the 23rd round. There is a chance that the duel will be rescheduled from Mineiro to Arena do Jacar.

Mineiro cannot have a public due to a decision by the Belo Horizonte City Hall, which backed down after failures in two test events: Atltico x River Plate, for Copa Libertadores, and Cruzeiro x Confiana, for Serie B.

On both occasions, the actors involved in the events were unable to respect the sanitary protocols against COVID-19. The City Hall, however, does not rule out releasing the presence of fans again soon, but with new security measures.