meet the owner of Xuxa’s new mansion

Samba dancer and married to a billionaire: she meets the owner of Xuxa's new mansion

Sambist and married to a billionaire: meet the owner of Xuxa’s new mansion

The singer Karinah was the one who disbursed R$ 45 million to buy Xuxa’s mansion in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio. The 40-year-old artist, born in Curitiba, launched herself professionally in 2010 with an independent album. Two years later, she got a contract with a renowned record label and has invested to establish herself as a woman of the new generation of pagode and samba. That, of course, without forgetting who came before. So much so that he has already made musical partnerships with Alcione and Belo, for example.

“I’m bringing to the public something that hasn’t been seen for over 20 years: a woman singing pagode. We need the public’s support. Samba is on the street and the market needs to consume something new,” said Karinah at the release of a live that made in April 2021.

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In 2017, the singer took a break from her career to dedicate herself to motherhood, when she became pregnant with twins, as a result of her relationship with businessman Diether Werninghaus. The husband, by the way, is frequently on the list of Brazilian billionaires. He is one of the heirs of WEG, a company responsible for making electric motors, transformers and power generators. When it entered the Forbes magazine’s list of the richest in 2014, the fortune was already valued at R$ 6.10 billion. Since then, the name has remained in the rankings.

Back to the singer, Karinah’s return to the stage took place in 2019, with a show featuring Dudu Nobre, Xande de Pilares and Mumuzinho. The work song “Medo de amar” was featured on the soundtrack of the soap opera “Salve-se Quem pode” on TV Globo. And the most recent single, “Insecurity zero (the mother is on)”, figured in the lists of the most played radio stations specializing in pagode.