Microsoft will give away free Game Pass subscription

O Xbox Game Pass allows players to play hundreds of games Xbox and Windows for PRAÇA. This includes everything from next-gen AAA titles to classics like Myst and The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. Subscription-based service can be a fantastic deal for the right kind of gamer. However, Microsoft’s ongoing draw potentially offers the deal of a lifetime.

O Microsoft Rewards already allows players to redeem points for free coupons. Users can now sign in to earn a free “lifetime” subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It costs 200 points per entry and includes a greeting card with the Gamertag of the winner. Although, free games are definitely the main selling point.

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How to apply

You interested players have until september 22 to enter the sweepstakes. Availability varies by region, although US and UK availability is confirmed. It is also important to note that, under Microsoft’s terms and conditions, a “lifetime” membership equals exactly 40 years of free games.

While it is undoubtedly a long time, it seems that Microsoft is playing with words a bit. The winners can also choose to exchange the free Game Pass subscription for one prepaid gift card worth $180.00 per year. This option is available at any time during the 40-year period. So the choice is yours.

Microsoft is limiting the winners to one per region, so the odds of any individual winners are very low. However, 200 Microsoft Rewards points aren’t as many as they seem, at least not compared to the thousands needed for regular rewards. That means it’s not automatically a bad deal.

Rewards members can earn points in a variety of ways, including 3 Rewards Points for each Bing Search. Other methods include completing daily, weekly, and monthly activities on the Microsoft Rewards website and app. Existing Game Pass members also have unique opportunities to earn additional points.

Via: Game Rant/Microsoft