Minimum wage for 2022 should be R$ 1,169, proposes Ministry of Economy | Economy

Value is greater than that presented in LDO 2022
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Value is greater than that presented in LDO 2022

The government proposed that the minimum wage in 2022 be R$1,169. The value, which is in the annual budget law proposal (PLOA), presented this Tuesday (31) is higher than that projected in the Budget Guidelines Law, which set it at R$ 1,147. This amount can still be revised upwards, since the calculation for the adjustment considered a parameter lagged by inflation.

The correction of the minimum wage is based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC). The economic team considered that the indicator will be 6.20%, which would raise the benefit from the current R$1,100 to the R$1,169 proposed.

However, with the pressure on food, electricity and fuel prices, the market expectation is that this indicator will accelerate until the end of the year

To correct the minimum wage adjustment, the government can send a modifying message. This year, the government will have to send this message to update the amount it will pay in court orders, whose agreement is being worked out in a Legislative and Judiciary task force, and to update the Bolsa Família budget, which should be called Auxílio Brasil and will serve more families, paying a greater benefit.

The definition of the minimum wage is relevant because the value serves as a basis for the adjustment of benefits such as retirement and pensions. This indexation of values ​​ends up having a relevant fiscal repercussion, as it puts pressure on an increase in public spending.

Other projections

The PLOA project also brings other projections from the economic team.

The document was prepared considering the estimates of the Ministry of Economy that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will increase 5.3% this year, and in 2022 it will increase by 2.51%. The exchange rate should be R$ 5.20 in 2021 and R$ 5.15 in 2022. Inflation projections for 2022 are 3.50% for the IPCA and 3.42% for the INPC, compared to 5. 90% and 6.20% estimated this year.