Missing couple in Angra: Cristiane’s body to be cremated | Brazil

Searches for Leonardo continue, after locating Cristiane's body

Searches for Leonardo continue, after locating Cristiane’s body

The body of Cristiane Nogueira da Silva, 48, found in Marambaiia, after being missing for more than a week, will be cremated. The realtor’s family is taking care of the bureaucratic procedures and only after that decide when and where the ceremony will be held. Meanwhile, the search continues for Leonardo Machado de Andrade, 50, Cristiane’s ex-partner, and for the boat where the couple was.

This Tuesday, firefighters carried out a real sweep in Ilha Grande Bay, Sepetiba and throughout Costa Verde and nearby islands, but they were not successful. The delegate Vilson de Almeida Silva, from the 166th DP (Angra dos Reis) informed that the search work will continue this Wednesday.

“The investigations continue. We found Cristiane, but we have to find Leonaro and the boat. The searches continue and we will continue investigating until we manage to solve this case and define what really happened to the couple,” said the delegate on Tuesday morning .

The case is still shrouded in mystery. The delegate hopes to locate Leonardo or even the vessel to understand what happened to the two. The couple was seen for the last time, on Sunday afternoon, the 22nd, as they went out on a boat to see the sunset over the sea, at Lagoa Verde, in Ilha Grande.

The intention was to return soon, but since late Sunday afternoon the two have not given any more news. Cristiane’s body was found in Restinga da Marambaia on Sunday and, after being rescued on Monday, was recognized by family members.

The numerous tattoos she wore on her body, including a huge phoenix on one of her legs, made it easy to recognize. However, Leonardo is still missing, as is the vessel in which the two set out to watch the sunset together.

A window compatible with the vessel’s was also found. She was floating and was found by a fisherman, adding to the mystery.

As the investigation found no signs of violence in Cristiane’s body, the Civil Police suspect that the boat where the missing couple was in Angra dos Reis may have sunk. The vessel was not found in searches carried out throughout the week. According to the delegate, the location of the boat will be essential to clarify the case: “As long as we don’t find the boat, we haven’t discarded anything. But there are signs of sinking.”