Monthly Horoscope: what the new moon changes for all signs in September

The month of September enters into a new tune for all signs. The period will be propitious to bring knowledge and growths in accordance with the new virgin moon. The overflow of the waning moon will show the continuity of taking care of your self and not the other. The information is according to the Virtual Horoscope.

Check below the forecasts for all signs in September:


The sign of Aries in September will face the moon quarrel with mercury in pounds, bringing an alert for its communication. The financial life will be in turmoil, the ideal will be to speak openly to the needs, this moment can be a fragile period. This will also be a good time to put the activities that have been stopped into practice. You will know what actions to take.

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On September 6th, the waning moon in cancer, talks about care and attention at work. You may be off making mistakes, but you need to take responsibility for your mistakes, beware of the rush and anxiety by wanting things to be done quickly, stay focused. The beginning of the month can be confusing and chaotic, so stop, breathe and do things differently.


Alert and careful where you spend your creative energy and your money, maintain self-care and self-worth, according to astrology, spend energy and money on irrelevant things, may be missing at the end of the month. Do not accept crumbs, especially from relationships, this is a time of connection with saturn, pay attention to relationships. At the beginning of the month, beware of spending on thoughts and waste that can slow you down.


The month of September for Cancerians, starts with the waning moon in cancer and provokes alert and caution with possible disagreements with the family or with the maintenance of the house. These demands call for calm and detachment to avoid anxiety. It will be necessary to open space and direct and punctual deep reflection for new paths, perhaps prepare a plan B. Don’t wait for it to pass, take action for possibilities of achievement.

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During this period, it will be necessary to be more careful with work and important commitments, maybe you are in demand, but be careful not to have overload. The waning moon can bring tiredness and doubts, wait for the new moon on the 6th in the sign of virgin, which will strengthen the choices and certainties of your will in your professional life. Set limits on who wants to control your life. Partnerships can be changed, pay attention to the quick relationships in your life, new partnerships can come generating doubts.

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The month of September for Virgos, shows the need to finish pending work and projects started that are stopped. The new moon can bring challenges in relationships, be careful with your self-esteem, look at yourself with care and awareness.

The month will follow the new virgin moon, showing an emotional renewal, of love and support, receiving new relationships and affection from good friends. Something that was difficult to happen can bring the end of a great cycle to the beginning of another.

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September will be a month of many planets in your sign, a very good time to enjoy the energies, so don’t get carried away by doubts. The waning moon in cancer can already put uncertainties in the period, don’t try to embrace the world, it won’t be possible. This will be the need for attention when slowing down, the tendency is to think carefully to avoid overload.

In the first week, fights can happen with people within the relationship, keep looking for balance. The crescent moon in Sagittarius speeds up the routine and can promote commitments, but beware of procrastination.

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At this time, the waning moon in cancer gets along with mercury in pounds and brings difficulty in expressing emotions, with difficulty in focusing on specific issues. It will be necessary to have patience, moments of indecision may arise, not listening to mental doubts. Silence and deepen inner peace. The new moon on the 6th, promotes radical changes and significant cuts in unfinished relationships, but there may be the insertion of news, choose the opportunities that are good for you.

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The month of September begins with the energy of a waning moon in cancer, but it does not get along with libra, this conflict brings the need to pay attention to lack of courage, in addition to not wanting to make decisions. Keep accountability, resolve what’s urgent and after the new moon on the 6th, greater awareness will be governed. Alert about unnecessary expenses at the beginning of the month.

For Sagittarians, there is a need for career focus and dedication, energy to renew social life, exposure and communication. Don’t get carried away by anxiety, life will return to order. Your love side is chaotic, maybe you invest energy in the professional area. New relationships without baggage can get cold, but in any kind of relationship, dialogue.

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This moment will start with the waning moon on the 6th, demanding the need for balance between work and personal life. The Moon in Cancer shows the need for flexibility, seeking to help the family, but your time may be at a premium. The new virgin moon, together with the great air trine, can bring opportunities in career, work and professional growth potential.

Capricorn, this period will not be one of individual actions, the ego must be broken for the possibility of collective contribution. Greater sharing of ideas generates greater growth. Venus entering Scorpio shows the need to deepen relationships.

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In September, the Aquarians will face the opening of relationships, making it difficult to maintain balance in health, desires, impulsiveness, inner peace, but try to slow down and focus on activities that generate greater effort. Mental and physical health must be controlled.

Throughout the month, try to look fondly at your heart. The new moon happens to protect the air triangle involving opportunities for rebirth, end situations, bring about healings and rebirth of old projects. These actions can trigger the release of burdens, problems, difficulties, paranoia and relationships that you are carrying.

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For Pisceans in September, the waning moon in cancer brings the need to keep emotions in balance. The beginning of the month will leave the most discouraged energies, low confidence, insecurity and a moment of care and excess of expectations. Do not throw the responsibilities to others, the other will not be able to respond to your needs if you do not maintain an open dialogue.