More expensive electricity bill: Check out 25 tips to save energy – News

With the water crisis, as of September, a “Water Scarcity” flag will be implemented in the electricity bill, which will bring 6.78% increase in average tariff. In addition, the government announced that it will reward consumers who reduce consumption by a level of 10% to 20% with a bonus of R$0.50 for each kilowatt-hour saved.

By the rules presented by the MME (Ministry of Mines and Energy), whoever saves less than 10% will not receive a bonus, and whoever exceeds the 20% level will not receive an additional reward either. See 25 tips for saving energy.

Electric showers:

1. The recommendation is to stay as little as possible in the bath. The most common appliances have a power of approximately 5,500W. In this way, a 15-minute shower per day, per person, for a family of four, is equivalent to the energy consumption of more than 400 13W LED lamps turned on for one hour, which corresponds to about R$ 100 in the bill .

2. If we use the electric shower in the warm or summer position, there will be a saving of around 30%, that is, R$ 30.00. If possible, schedule the bath for the hottest hours of the day.

Heaters and air conditioning:

3. In winter, they can correspond to 1/3 of the household expenditure on electricity, depending on use. Avoid leaving the heater on for long periods and only use it when outdoors.

4. In relation to air conditioners, avoid using it for long periods and opt for inverter models, which are more efficient and economical.


5. Take advantage of natural light and open windows and curtains during the day.

6. When painting walls and ceilings, prefer light colors, which better reflect the light.

7. Replace incandescent lamps with fluorescent or LED, which consume 60% to 80% less energy and heat the environment less.

TVs and Computers:

8. Don’t leave the TV on without someone watching.

9. Set the timer (auto power off) before bed, preventing the TV from being turned on unnecessarily.

10. In the case of the computer, turn off the device whenever it remains unused for more than 2 hours.

11. Turn off the monitor after 15 minutes of inactivity.


12. Unplug or unplug when not using an appliance.

13. Do not leave the devices on stand-by, as they continue to consume energy.

Washing and Drying Machines:

14. Use the maximum capacity of the washing machines and dryers.

15. In washing machines, be aware of the amount of soap, avoiding repeating the rinsing operation.

16. For machines that have the heated water function, the company recommends not using this feature.

17. As for dryers, use them only when really necessary and with maximum capacity.


18. Do not open the refrigerator door unnecessarily so as not to force the appliance motor.

19. Check that the door seal rubber is fulfilling its function.

20. Never use the back of the equipment to dry clothes or shoes.

21. In winter, reduce the refrigerator’s cooling power, as the outside temperature will already be cooler.

Equipment Energy Efficiency

22. Choose low-energy household appliances, preferably with the Procel A seal.

23. Look for appliances with the Procel seal (in the case of national ones), preferably with high energy efficiency, or Energy Star (in the case of imported ones).

Other tips:

24. Always turn off appliances when leaving an environment. For lunch breaks or breaks, do the same.

25. Periodically check the conditions of the internal electrical network to identify power leakage points, which increase the value of the electricity bill, or bare wires and cables that may pose a risk to the safety of residents.

Source: Enel Distribuição São Paulo