MPF sues the Union for damages caused by “jet wash”

Federal Attorneys’ Attorneys filed a public civil action against the Union for collective damages caused by former judge Sergio Moro’s role in conducting the self-proclaimed “jet wash” consortium.

Prosecutors maintain that former judge actively acted to influence the 2018 election
Antonio Cruz / Brazil Agency

In the lawsuit, the MPF in Ceará maintains that the former magistrate acted in a partial and inquisitorial manner, with an interest in influencing the 2018 presidential elections. After the election, Moro left the magistracy to accept Jair Bolsonaro’s invitation to become justice minister and Public Security.

The lawsuit also claims that the performance of the Curitiba consortium unconstitutionally influenced the impeachment process of former president Dilma Roussef, in 2016.

The lawsuit is in the Federal Court in Mossoró (RN) and its authors are the attorneys of the Republic Emanuel Ferreira and Camões Boaventura. They point out that, as a federal judge, Moro exhibited behavior that reveals “systematic action in violation of the necessary separation between the functions of judging and investigating” and committed repeated offenses against the democratic regime.

The authors demand that the Union promote civic education for democracy within the scope of National School for Training and Improvement of Magistrates (Enfan) and the National School of the Public Ministry (ESMPU), in order to prevent agents of the justice system from acting in favor of new constitutional setbacks.