Narcissa forgets that Tarcisio Meira died of Covid-19 and commits faux pas; watch

In a live with Maitê Proença, the socialite said that the actor had a mild case of the disease

Reproduction/Instagram/narcisat/31.08.2021Narcisa Tamborindeguy apologized after talking about Tarcisio Meira

A live that Narcissa Tamborindeguy did with the actress Maitê Proença last Saturday, 28th, it became the subject of social media again. This Tuesday, 31, a video went viral in which the socialite talks about actor Tarcísio Meira, who died on August 12 as a victim of Covid-19. Before talking about the actor, Narcissa confused “cepa” with “xepa”. “Everyone is having [Covid] again. It’s a new ‘xepa’, isn’t it Maitê?”, declared the socialite. “I don’t know, I think it’s easier to get because of this Delta variant. I had [Covid] two months ago, but I already had the second dose of the vaccine and [sinto] that I am protected three times. I took the exam again and gave 96% protection. Let’s see, right?”, commented the actress. “Now it’s great, thank God. It’s horrible to broadcast to people, right? It seems that whoever gets the vaccine, if they get the same Tarcisio Meira it caught, it catches very weak…”, said Narcissa, who soon noticed that she was confused. “No, Tarcisio Meira was strong, he died, in fact. Excuse.” The socialite’s faux pas reverberated on social networks. It is noteworthy that this is the second time that live will stop in the most talked about topics on Twitter. Last Monday, 30, went viral a part in which Maitê’s connection goes down and Narcissa is lost without understanding what was happening.