New design! WhatsApp Beta brings improved visualization for contact data on Android

WhatsApp is testing several functions that increase user privacy and improve the app experience. In addition to these features, it is possible that the next messenger update will be released with a revised design in contact data view by tapping the profile picture.

Still under development, the new layout is expected to appear in a stable version of the app in the coming weeks for Android platforms. For now, the change can only be tested by members of the Beta program, but the screenshot below outlines the anticipated changes:

It is observed that WhatsApp Beta relocate info button (represented by an “i”) to the right side of the contact or group name. The profile photo abandons the old and dated quadratic format to be displayed in a circle — probably, when tapped, the image will be enlarged and shown in a square, as in the current version.

It is noteworthy that the exact time that this change will be released to all users is not known, essentially due to its stage of development, but it is customary for the beta resources to be converted to a stable version within weeks.

The redesign brings a more modern look to WhatsApp, which rarely changes its layout as the messenger is focused on features, such as the payment system, which did not please the Brazilian public; reactions in messages, which approximates its Messenger integration; and audio conversations.