Nora de Tarcisio Meira tells how Glória Menezes has been dealing with the actor’s death

Mocita Fagundes, wife of Tarcísio Filho, son of Glória Menezes and Tarcísio Meira, who died on the 12th of June from complications at Covid-19, gave details about her mother-in-law’s state of health. The actress, who has been married to Tarcisio for over 50 years, was also infected with the coronavirus, but did not develop severe symptoms of the disease. After being discharged from the hospital, the 86-year-old artist is recovering in her apartment in São Paulo.

”Glória is strengthened by the family’s love. She is a woman small in size, gigantic in strength. Gloria is a gift in the life of those who are lucky enough to have her around. We are filling her with love. Tarcisinho is with her. Maria Amélia (the actress’ granddaughter) too,” she wrote last Monday night on Instagram. The answer went to a follower who asked for information about the state of Gloria.

Mocita also said that she will be taking care of Glória from Wednesday: ”I had to come to Porto Alegre, but I’ll be back to stay with her on Wednesday. Physically she looks great. She takes her daily walks, takes care of her food and has an enviable lucidity. Evidently he is very sad, it would be no different. But she doesn’t shy away from feelings. Live them with intensity. Little by little, she will regain the glow in her eyes that we always admire! Long live the Glory! Thank you for the affection!”