On its way to 50 years old, Unimed Nordeste-RS presents its performance in the pandemic and announces investments – DIFUSORA 890 AM

Cooperative has been investing, in the last two years, R$ 30 million in actions to expand structures in Caxias do Sul and in the region, in addition to contingency strategies to respond to the pandemic

Betting on the culture of innovation combined with Medicine and supported by investments totaling more than R$30 million in the last two years, Unimed Nordeste-RS is preparing for the countdown to its 50 years of history. The 50th anniversary will be completed in June of next year, when the cooperative will confirm the achievement of its most recent strategic vision: to be excellence in health management, through quality, innovation, results and sustainable practices, identifying itself as a reference in the system of health in Brazil.

The five-decade tradition is the driving force for this company, which is in constant movement and has been evaluated in the last two years by the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) as one of the best health plans in the country, with 1.0 (the maximum value) in the Supplementary Health Performance Index (IDSS).

In addition to this important achievement, the cooperative, through the plan operator and its own structure, holds some of the most important quality certifications in health care (see infographics below). Among other important awards, Complexo Hospitalar, in turn, was recognized in 2021 in the list of the best hospitals in Brazil, according to a ranking by Newsweek magazine.

“Our more than 380 thousand customers have not only a long-range plan, but access, a few kilometers from home, to the best that exists in Brazilian healthcare, to a complete plan. While industrial parks highlight the industry of Serra Gaúcha, largely entrusting the health of its workers to this plan operator, at the same time, Unimed Nordeste-RS raises health care in this same portion of the State to a new level”, observes the president of Unimed Nordeste-RS, Dr. Ronaldo Mattia.

Investments in the last two years total R$30 million

To guarantee access to quality care, Unimed Nordeste-RS has created task forces that allow it to always offer the best Medicine. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the cooperative has invested around R$ 15 million in structure, equipment and hiring staff, with a focus on serving covid-19. Now, in a new investment phase, it announces another R$ 15 million in expansion, to be applied to the structure by June 2022. The values ​​reaffirm the cooperative’s commitment to becoming a reference in its area of ​​operation. The Unimed System holds 51.31% of the health plan market in the region in the 17 municipalities in the area covered by Unimed Nordeste-RS. There are 2,791 employees, 380,660 beneficiaries and 8,388 client companies. In addition, there are 1,210 cooperating physicians, who provide around 80,000 consultations through the Unimed health plan in the offices of the 17 municipalities in the coverage area, with the support of a wide accredited network, confirming this company’s vocation for care and demonstrating the importance that the medical work that takes place in different parts of all these cities has for the quality of life of our population.

In the expansion plan, Complexo Hospitalar Unimed will open 38 new clinical and oncological beds on the sixth floor of Block B, with inauguration scheduled for this year, in December. At the same time, a new ICU, with 20 beds, is being built next to Block A, which will leave the institution with 40 fixed places for intensive care. The opening of the ICU is scheduled for June next year.

Among other recent investments are the expansion and improvements in the structures of Emergency Services; the inauguration of Espaço + Saúde (which concentrates the Unifácil Center and a series of services, such as Preventive Medicine, Vaccination Center, sales of health plans and Unimed Odonto), in one place; and the launch of Unifácil (Unimed health plan that brings a new concept of service) and the fifth unit of Farmácia Unimed, located next to Espaço + Saúde.

Unimed Nordeste-RS currently has the following services:

  • Hospital
  • Maternal and Child Unit
  • 24h emergency service
  • Diagnostic Imaging Center
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Gyneco-obstetrical ultrasound
  • hemodynamics
  • Endoscopy
  • Preventive medicine
  • Vaccine Center
  • occupational health
  • SOS Unimed
  • Pharmacies
  • home care
  • Uniair

With protocols that increase the survival of patients with covid-19, Complexo Hospitalar creates a specific ward for care

Always ready to receive patients in need of care, Unimed Nordeste-RS also put into practice an open plan, reassessed daily and shaped according to the needs that arise in the course of the pandemic. Since the emergence of covid-19 cases in the region, the Unimed Hospital Complex has opened 55 new ICU beds, leaving the institution with 79 beds for certain periods, a unique increase in health institutions, which required the expansion of the front line. In order to guarantee the response to the pandemic, 200 professionals, including physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and technicians, were hired to work at the Hospital Complex. In addition to several other strategies to contingency care, the inauguration of clinical beds on the seventh floor of the Complex is also noteworthy, aimed at specialized treatment for patients with covid-19.

From March 2020 to August 2021, 1,338 beneficiaries with covid-19 were hospitalized in the Complex, 617 in the ICU. Thanks to differentiated care protocols, the survival rate of those admitted to the ICU at Unimed Nordeste-RS was above 60%, well above the national average.

“The pandemic is demanding from us constant, daily movement. Every day, we need to review the number of beds, equipment, medications and teams so that we can adjust to reality, which changes a lot from day to day. To be always ready, we don’t measure efforts or investments. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, until May 2021, we have invested around R$ 15 million, considering structure, equipment, medicines and teams”, says the president of Unimed Nordeste-RS, Dr. Ronaldo Mattia.

When it opened in 2004, Hospital Unimed Caxias do Sul already presented itself to clients and the community as a highly complex care institution. Since then, this DNA has been confirmed. Medical teams began to specialize more and more, providing care that was previously only provided in larger centers, such as in Porto Alegre or even in São Paulo. All this evolution is due to investments in specific protocols, such as Cerebral Vascular Accident and Thoracic Pain, which allow outcomes with superior results in care where time and quality are paramount. The 42 thousand square meter structure performs an average of 50 thousand services per month. Today, there are 150 clinical and surgical beds available to beneficiaries, in addition to those in the ICU.

“The population expected this return from Unimed, and that is why we knew that our responsibility was great. While we received information that structures in other parts of the country and the world were collapsing, we managed to maintain the quality of our care even in the worst days. Although we also faced difficulties, we did not fail to assist any beneficiary in the Unimed Hospital Complex, a reference service not only for Caxias do Sul, but also for the entire region, as beneficiaries from other municipalities are referred to this structure.” adds the current vice president, Dr. Marcelo Frigeri, who held the presidency of the cooperative from March 2017 to March 2021.

The state-of-the-art equipment, sophisticated technologies and adequate structures of the Unimed Hospital Complex are permeated by humanized care, such as the affective record, Day of Desire, virtual visit, Pet visit and, in the nutrition area, its special menus built from the concept of comfort food, among many other actions that place the patient in the center of attention.

“The network of services that make up Unimed played a fundamental role in achieving quality in our service throughout this pandemic. Structures such as our clinical analysis laboratory and imaging services, for example, allowed professionals the possibility of secure diagnostic clarifications, essential for decision-making and medical conduct. Add to this the access to excellent equipment and, above all, the dedication and quality of medical care. Parallel to this scenario, the population showed solidarity with those on the front line, through actions that touched us deeply, such as serenades, gifts and applause, which also made all the difference”, comments the superintendent director of Unimed Nordeste- RS, Dr. Dilma Tessari.

Source: Adri Silva Communication
Photo: Reproduction engineering-architecture