On vacation in Mexico, Marília Mendonça tours a luxury hotel

Marília Mendonça is on vacation in Mexico and this Monday (30) took a tour of the luxury hotel that is staying. The place is called Hotel Xcaret Arte, it is also a resort and is located in Playa del Carmen with daily rates of up to R$ 4 thousand.

(Photo: Instagram/@mariliamendoncacantora)

“Living every second”, he wrote marilia in the caption of the post on Instagram. The hotel also has a water park and even a private beach, and the countrywoman is enjoying all this with her boyfriend Murilo Huff and Leo, the couple’s child of one year of life.

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Wearing dental floss, Marília Mendonça says: “Hold your arm, princess, otherwise your ass will fall”

During the trip, Marília Mendonça also put her corpse to play in a photo of a G-string bikini. No click marilia appears on his back in the midst of a paradisiacal setting. “Hold your arm princess, otherwise your ass will fall“, joked the singer in the caption.

The photo received 1.3 million likes and almost 7,000 comments. the companion Murilo said: “Hot, mi chica [‘minha garota’, em espanhol]”.

And internet users were on the same line, only praise: “Goddess“, “Wonderful“, “I’m on the floor, what a babe” and “I ran out of breath here” were some of the comments.

(Photo: Instagram/@mariliamendoncacantora)

The trip, that is to say, is being made right after marilia release a version of the song “best alone“, give the album “sweet 22“, with Luisa Sonza. The clip, released at 9pm on the 22nd, has a relaxed aesthetic among the singers, who drink wine, beer and chat.

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