One more bullshit: understand Joelma and Ximbinha’s new fight

Since they split in 2015, Joelma and Ximbinha have been leading many discussions on the internet. Last weekend, the singer revealed that she wants to return to using the name Calypso in her band and her ex-husband – and former member of the group – was not at all happy with the idea.

Joelma spoke about the subject during a live on Instagram and explained that, for now, he cannot use just the name ‘Calypso’, as the former couple is legally fighting for the term. The alternative adopted by the singer was to use ‘That’s Calypso’ as a name until the situation is resolved in court.

Ximbinha’s advisors commented on the matter and stated that the term ‘Calypso’ cannot be used by just one partner. “By court order, the brand can only be used if the two partners are together. In this way, the band could only return to its original formation, and not just by one of the artists,” he said in a statement.

Joelma countered through a note sent by the staff. “Calypso is not a brand, it’s rhythm! Banda Calypso is a brand, but calypso is a rhythm that everyone can use. It’s the same as sertanejo, funk and etc”, he explained.

The singer’s advisors justified that she will not return with the band from before, she will only tour calypso, that is, the rhythm. “It’s the tour, solo. A comeback from shows with a special rhythm tour. That’s why it’s called ‘This is Calypso,'” he said.