Palmeiras Board assesses having made a good market and without ‘financial irresponsibility’ during the transfer window; see behind the scenes

In the last days, Flamengo, Atlético-MG, Corinthians, saints and São Paulo presented several strong reinforcements, mainly for their offensive sectors. On the other hand, the palm trees has been suffering criticism from fans on social media for not having hired a new centre-forward. According to the, however, the board of alviverde evaluates having made a good market – and without committing “financial irresponsibility”.

In the view of the high Palestinian summit, the Alviverde market was more “diluted” than that of the opponents, as five arrivals were made during the window, without them being concentrated in the last few days, as occurred mainly in Timon and Tricolor .

The board of directors from Palmeira even sees that one of the best “signs” of the entire window of the Brazilian teams was precisely that of Verdão: forward Dudu, who returned from a loan to the Al-Duhail, from Qatar.

The assessment is that the athlete raised the level of the Palestinian squad, which was proven by his excellent performances in the quarterfinals of the Libertadores Conmebol, against São Paulo. It is also highlighted the fact that the legal department managed to release him to play much earlier than expected, which greatly helped coach Abel Ferreira.

In addition, the possibility of Dudu’s return, evaluated in March of this year, “stopped” the arrival of possible new center forwards, such as Santos Borré, formerlyriver plate. The understanding was that Palmeiras’ cash, already heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, would be severely harmed if it had to pay another player with a salary of more than R$ 1 million per month, as in the case of the 4+3 shirt.

As the priority was to keep salaries up to date, Alviverde left the negotiation with the Colombian, who went to the Eintracht Frankfurt, from Germany, after also talking to the Guild in Brazil.



Goalkeeper spoke with the official TV of Palmeiras

Then there was also the return of Deyverson. The intention of Palmeiras was to negotiate it with some European football club, but there were no concrete proposals. In this way, the top management understood that it would not be ideal to leave him “legged in”, and he became part of Abel Ferreira’s cast.

The coaching staff evaluates that he played good games on his return to Brazil, and, despite not being living well now, there is an understanding that he is a player who can be useful under certain conditions.

Finally, the board of directors from Palmeira brought defensive midfielder Matheus Fernandes and left-back Jorge and Piquerez, and they only had to pay for the last one (US$ 3.8 million, or just over R$ 20 million), and even in installments. All this against just one exit: that of wing Matías Viña, who went to Pomegranate.

The positive assessment also involves the maintenance of virtually the entire squad responsible for winning the Triple Crown, considered internally as very difficult after a winning season.

Putting all this together, Verdão’s board understands that it has made “interesting moves” in the window, as found by the

Sources heard by the report say that all the signings were made “within the current possibilities” of the club, without “financial irresponsibility”.

The top management also believes in a return of Luiz Adriano, who, despite being in a bad moment and having few chances with Abel, made a great 2020, with decisive goals in the campaign of the Triple Crown of Palmeirense.

The understanding is that there is no way to hire a new player every time a name in the squad does not go through a good phase, especially at a time when the Palestinian cashier is still recovering from the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the lack of fans in the stands and the drop in the number of partner-supporters.

The club’s leadership still understands that there is a good offer of names in the front line of the team, with Willian and Rony also being able to act as center forwards, as well as several names for the attacking points, such as Wesley, Gabriel Veron and Breno Lopes.

Finally, the board evaluates that the Palmeiras squad is good and with a large number of players, including athletes like Matheus Fernandes and Danilo Barbosa staying out of the reserve bench both in the Brazilian Championship and in the Libertadores games.

The sources heard point out that the team “will not do crazy things”, even because the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and the return of the public to the stadiums has not even been released. The view, however, is that the Verdão squad is strong and is currently fighting for the Brazilian and Libertadores titles