Palmeiras hits right-back Lucas Sena after player doesn’t renew with São Paulo | palm trees

On Tuesday, Palmeiras registered the contract of Lucas Sena, a former São Paulo player, in the CBF’s Daily Newsletter (BID).

The 20-year-old right-back signed with Verdão until January 2022 with the possibility of renewal and arrives at the club after his contract with the Morumbi team ended.

With passages for the youth teams, Lucas Sena is considered a promising side and left São Paulo because there is no agreement between the parties to renew the link, valid until June.

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Lucas Sena hit Palmeiras until early 2022 — Photo: Reproduction

The boy was approved by the youth department of Verdão and initially arrives for the under-20 team. He will have, at first, this end of the season and the Copa São Paulo in January to compete with the shirt alviverde.

If he likes Abel Ferreira, the full-back can extend his bond and be taken to the professional team at Palmeiras in the future, too.

FIFA stipulates that the forming club must be compensated when a player under 21 leaves at the end of the contract, as in this case. Therefore, Palmeiras and São Paulo made an agreement, and the Tricolor will remain with 20% of the economic rights of the athlete.

Lucas Sena was a São Paulo player until June, when his contract ended — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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