Paolla Oliveira surprises by quoting Dandara Mariana in a statement after climate on Globo

Paolla Oliveira
Paolla Oliveira quotes Dandara Mariana in a statement after the climate on Globo (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

great champion of Super Dance of the Famous, Paolla Oliveira used social media in the last tuesday (31) to thank everyone who somehow contributed to your achievement.

In the same post, the actress also mentioned the brilliance that Rodrigo Simas and Dandar Mariana – who were their competitors – had in the competition.

“I promise it’s the last post, but I couldn’t stop talking about how Sunday was really a very special day. It was beautiful to see the excitement and excitement of many people on social media celebrating the dance”, started.

“The night couldn’t start any better. Seeing the divine Dandara Mariana inspiring with lightness, sweetness and professionalism. What a delight to watch you alongside Diego Maia, Dandara”, he continued.

And followed soon after: “Afterwards Rodrigo Simas was so precise, so safe always. It’s great to be hooked by the technique that you and the brilliant Nathalia Ramos bring to the dance”.

Paolla, in another excerpt of the text, praised the team responsible for the Sunday, as well as the judges who were present at the recordings of the program’s grand final:

“Thank you to the technical judges Carlinhos de Jesus and Claudia Mota, who were present throughout the season, much more than judging, but encouraging us and bringing us knowledge. Thank you to the artistic jury, dear Ana Maria Braga, Alexandre Pires and sweet Seja Andrade”.

“Thanks to Tiago Leifert who led the competition with the departure of my beloved Faustão. Thank you to all the costumes, makeup, production, camera guys, for the beautiful work you did”, he added.

“And thank you, of course, once again and always, to my teacher, three-time champion, Leandro Azevedo. You were amazing from start to finish. When I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, you made me overcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who accompanied us!”, completed.

It is worth remembering that the final of the musical competition was marked by a controversy involving Dandara Mariana. That’s because the judge Rebeca Andrade gave her a rating considered unfair by many viewers.

At the time, even Leifert questioned the gymnast about her attitude, which created a stir on the film set. “No, like that, now that they’re out and it’s just us and the folks from home. Why did you give 9.9? I’m curious and you have every right, the grade is yours“, needled Faustão’s replacement.

The Olympic detailer, visibly embarrassed, justified the note saying that she noticed an error in the presentation. “No. There was a time when she went down and stuffed her foot [derrapou]. I saw it, guys!”, she commented.

“Ah, artistic gymnastics. She didn’t do well on landing”, the attraction’s presenter later reacted, surprised by the guest’s response.

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