Paraná once again extends curfew and other restrictive measures

O State government extended for another 15 days the restrictive measures against the new coronavirus, which have been in force since the beginning of August. The decree signed by the Governor Mouse Jr extends the rules until 5 am on the 15th of September.

O curfew and also the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages between 24h and 5h continues. Time restriction does not apply to essential activities and services.

Since the beginning of August, some categories of events have been authorized, as long as they meet preventive measures.


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In open places, for the public exclusively seated or limited, without the consumption of food and beverages, events with a maximum capacity of 60% of the foreseen may be held, as long as they do not exceed 500 people. In case of consumption of food and beverages, the expected capacity is 50%, with a maximum of 500 people.

In closed places, the occupancy rate is 40% for up to 500 people, without any type of consumption.

In actions involving food and beverages, the regulation establishes a limit of 400 people and a capacity of 30% of the foreseen, respecting the following order: I – spaces with a maximum capacity of 200 people may host events for up to 80 people; II – spaces with capacity from 201 to 500 people, may host events for a maximum of 150 people; III – spaces with capacity between 501 and 1000 people may host events for a maximum of 300 people; and IV – spaces with a maximum capacity of over 1001 people may host events for a maximum of 400 people.

It is prohibited, however, to hold events in person, of any kind, that have one or more of the following characteristics: dancing or any other type of interaction that requires physical contact between attendees; in a closed place that does not have an air conditioning system with air renewal and an updated Maintenance, Operation and Control Plan; that require the audience to remain standing during their performance; lasting longer than 6 hours; sports with the presence of the public; that cannot guarantee the control of the public in the place or that may attract the presence of a public superior to that determined in this standard, such as exhibitions and festivals; of an international character; performed in locations not authorized for this purpose; and that do not meet the criteria provided for in this legislation and other regulations in force.

Measurement monitoring

The maintenance, tightening or relaxation of the rules is defined based on Covid-19 indicators and reflects the current pandemic scenario, which may change at any time. The State Department of Health monitors the numbers of deaths, cases and hospitalizations due to the disease and the progress of vaccination in Paraná.

An epidemiological bulletin released on Tuesday (31) by Sesa points to a 40.3% decrease in the moving average of deaths compared to 14 days ago and a 50.5% reduction in the number of confirmed cases of the disease in the same period of time . The occupancy rate of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) exclusively for Covid-19 treatment is 57% and that of the ward is 41%.

The state has already vaccinated 7,686,079 people with at least one dose (or single dose) of the immunizing agent against Covid-19, almost 90% of the adult population.

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