Photo of Flordelis in jail and no wig goes viral on the internet

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After losing her term as a federal deputy, flordelis she ended up being imprisoned, without parliamentary immunity, nothing else prevented a warrant for her arrest, according to information from the Extra da Globo portal, she is at the Talavera Bruce penitentiary, in the Gericinó Complex, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

It didn’t take long for her to be arrested, according to information posted on the internet, Flordelis was arrested two days later after the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies revoked her mandate as a federal deputy.

The person responsible for the arrest of Flordelis was the judge Nearis dos Santos Carvalho Arce, of the 3rd Criminal Court of Niterói.

But this Tuesday (31) a photo of the former deputy began to circulate on the internet, in the image we can see Flordelis dejected and without a wig, she is accused of having ordered the murder of her husband, Anderson da Silva.

Remember After having his term revoked, Flordelis is arrested for the death of Pastor Anderson

Photo – Reproduction Via Instagram

On August 14, Tecnonotícias spoke about the Flordelis case, which for two years had already dragged on the history and investigations into the death of Pastor Anderson. And now, one day after her mandate was overturned, pastor and former deputy Flordelis was arrested at her home in Niterói.

In fact, what still kept her out of prison, apparently, was her term as a federal deputy. But after having his term revoked by 437 votes in the Chamber of Deputies, Flordelis lost the privileged jurisdiction and parliamentary immunity and had his imprisonment decreed by the 3rd Criminal Court of Niterói. Continue reading.