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The federal government proposed a minimum wage of BRL 1,069 in 2022
Fernanda Capelli

The federal government proposed a minimum wage of BRL 1,069 in 2022

The federal government proposed a minimum wage of R$ 1,069 in 2022. The number is part of next year’s Budget proposal, sent to Congress this Tuesday (31). This amount can still be revised upwards, since the calculation for the adjustment considered a parameter lagged by inflation.

The correction of the minimum wage is based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC). The economic team considered that the indicator will be 6.20%, which would raise the benefit from the current R$1,100 to the R$1,169 proposed.

Consequently, the PIS/Pasep salary bonus also increases. The salary bonus is paid to those who had a formal contract for at least one month in the previous base year in the amount of one minimum wage.

See simulations:

  • 1 month worked: BRL 97.41
  • 2 months worked: BRL 194.83
  • 3 months worked: BRL 292.25
  • 4 months worked: BRL 389.66
  • 5 months worked: BRL 487.08
  • 6 months worked: BRL 584.50
  • 7 months worked: BRL 581.91
  • 8 months worked: R$779.33
  • 9 months worked: BRL 876.75
  • 10 months worked: BRL 974.16
  • 11 months worked: BRL 1,071.58
  • 12 months worked: BRL 1,169

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Through Complementary Law No. 7/1970, the Social Integration Program (PIS) was created. The program sought to integrate the private sector employee with the company’s development. Payment of PIS is the responsibility of Caixa​.


Parallel to the creation of the PIS, Complementary Law No. 8/1970 instituted the Public Servant Heritage Training Program (PASEP), to which the Union, States, Municipalities, Federal District and territories contributed to the fund for sector employees public. Payment of PASEP is made by Banco do Brasil.​

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