Player has testicle injury in Serie C game: strong scenes

Football is a contact sport and tends to have violent moves on many occasions. In the match between Santa Cruz and Volta Redonda, on Monday night (31/8), a player had a serious injury to his testicle and had to be hospitalized.

The game was valid for the C Series of the Brazilian Championship. The move took place around 39 minutes into the first half. Forward MV, from Volta Redonda, was “run over” by midfielder Tarcisio. In the fall, the player from the Pernambuco team ended up stepping on the player, who was on the ground. Look:

The shock was so strong that the striker had to leave the field and even the stadium to be hospitalized and undergo surgery. As soon as they learned of the seriousness of the problem, Santa Cruz wished the player a quick recovery and Volta Redonda reassured the fans saying that the athlete was fine.