Police arrest three suspects for bank robbery in Araçatuba (SP) – 08/31/2021 – Daily life

Police arrested three suspects involved in the mega-robbery that caused panic and terror in the early hours of Monday (30) in the central region of Araçatuba (521 km from São Paulo).

In the action, a heavily armed gang invaded the city, blew up two bank branches, stole their money, shot a third, took residents hostage, fired bombs and set fire to fleeing vehicles.

At least three people died and another four were injured – three of them in serious condition.

According to the Military Police, among the three detainees are a man and a woman detained on Monday in the city. They would have confessed that they were acting as scouts for the gang.

The third suspect of involvement was arrested in the Campinas region, Monday night. He was sent to Araçatuba and remains detained, according to the PF (Federal Police). Federal agents investigate the attacks because the two robbed banks (Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal) are linked to the Union.

The police are still investigating the possible participation in the crime of a man who was admitted to a hospital in Piracicaba, a city 383 kilometers away from Araçatuba. He sustained injuries caused by heavy weaponry.

The names of the detainees were not released.

After the action of the bandits, the Gate (Group of Special Tactical Actions) removed 40 explosive artifacts spread across 20 different points in the city center. At least five were detonated on Tuesday in an isolated spot in the countryside.

​​A new sweep will be carried out in the central region by the police to try to find more explosives. The PM instructed the population to avoid going through the site until the work is completed.​

The two Araçatuba residents who died during the gang action are being watched this Tuesday: Roberto Bortolucci da Silva, 38, and Marcio Victor Possa da Silva, 34.

In addition to them, a member of the gang, whose name was not revealed by the police, also died.

The four injured are still hospitalized at Santa Casa. One of them, aged 25, suffered amputations in both feet after a homemade bomb produced by criminals exploded.

The victim mistook the explosive for a cell phone, hospital staff said. The man, whose name was not revealed, was riding his bicycle along a downtown street when he saw the object on the sidewalk and came close, thinking it was a smartphone. Upon touching, the bomb exploded.

This Tuesday, for the second day, the city does not have classes in schools. According to the city, the decision was made for security forces to scan for explosives.