Portugal lifts travel ban for tourists from Brazil

Portugal announced this Wednesday (1) that it will again allow the entry of tourists from Brazil, almost 18 months after imposing a ban on non-essential travel in the South American country to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Although Brazilians, who constitute the largest expatriate community in Portugal, have been allowed access to the country for reasons such as work, family or health, the end of the restriction on tourism was long overdue.

Portugal has already opened its borders to tourists from the European Union (EU) who present the digital certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 adopted by the block, as well as from the United States, from which visitors must present a negative result when arriving in the country.

With the flexibility, travelers from Brazil no longer need to be in quarantine, but must test negative for Covid-19. The same rule applies to UK visitors, according to the government.

Brazil has already registered more than 20.7 million infections by the new coronavirus and more than 580 thousand deaths due to the virus.

Passengers from countries such as Japan, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada will also be able to travel to Portugal if they test negative.

Visitors from Nepal, India and South Africa are still required to be quarantined for 14 days after arrival and are only required to travel for essential reasons.

Portugal lifted most restrictions with a three-phase plan, supported by rapid and efficient vaccination implementation.

This Wednesday (1st), 73% of the population was fully vaccinated, according to data from the Portuguese Ministry of Health.

Women pass by restaurant in Lisbon;  Portugal reopens borders for Brazilian tourists
Women pass by restaurant in Lisbon; Portugal reopens borders for Brazilian tourists / Armando Franca – 19.Aug.2021/AP

Number of countries that Brazilians can join increases

With the advance of vaccination in Brazil, many countries, especially in South and Central America, have already reopened their borders for travelers departing from Brazilian soil.

In all, 42 destinations have light restrictions (when it is not necessary to quarantine) the entry of tourists from Brazil, considering only one proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test. Some of them: Dominican Republic, Bahamas Islands, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Egypt and UAE.

The survey, consulted by CNN, also points out that 29 countries have imposed moderate restrictions, in which travel is possible if the tourist meets certain entry requirements, which may include the Covid-19 test, proof of vaccination and/or quarantine upon arrival and/or return from the country .

The number of destinations with strong blocking, that is, people departing from Brazil have suspended entry, is 84. In these, entry will only be allowed in the case of citizens, residents and/or if the traveler meets strict requirements. Among these destinations are the United States, Canada, Australia and much of the European Union.

(With information from Mariana Belley, from CNN)