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After a year and a half, the Portuguese government reopened the possibility of travel between the country and Brazil this Wednesday (1st), with a measure disclosed in the official Portuguese publication, Diário da República.

Image of masked people at Lisbon airport on June 15, 2020 — Photo: Rafael Marchante/Reuters

The text paragraph releases non-essential trips from Brazil and the United States.

Brazilian tourists were banned in a large number of countries because of the high incidence of Covid-19 — there were almost 21 million cases in Brazil and about 580,000 deaths caused by the disease.

However, in recent months, other countries have allowed the entry of travelers departing from Brazil.

See below a report on the release of Brazilians who went on trips considered essential.

Portugal starts to accept entry of Brazilians into the country;  see rules

Portugal starts to accept entry of Brazilians into the country; see rules

Until this Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Brazilian citizens could not enter Portugal as tourists, but only if the trip was considered essential (for example, for professional reasons, for study, for family reunion, for health reasons or for humanitarian reasons).

Brazilian tourists no longer need to undergo a quarantine, but must show proof of a Covid-19 test that was negative.

There is no reference, in the text of the Diário da República, to the presentation of proof of vaccination.

In Portugal, 73% of the population is fully vaccinated, according to data from the country’s Ministry of Health. The plan to reopen the borders takes this into account.

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