Pregnant, Andressa Urach reveals her son’s name and says that the choice was not made by her: ”Thiago didn’t let him”

Model says that her suggestion was not accepted by her husband and her other son, Arthur, who decided

This Tuesday (31), Andressa Urach used social media to reveal the name of the child who is waiting with her husband, Thiago Lopes.

The model, who will have a boy, said that, at first, the child’s father did not let the little one have the name she chose. That’s because she wanted the boy to be called Leo, but he will be called Leon.

The blonde, who said that the decoration of the child’s room will be animal-themed and in “boy’s” blue, said that the eldest heir was the one who chose the name, Arthur.

“I wanted Leão, lion of the jungle, but Thiago wouldn’t let him. Imagine him being tiny and me saying ‘son, make a lion for daddy’. It wasn’t a girl, to be Mimi. He came male. Arthur suggested, and he’ll be called León. It means brave as a lion”, she said.


Recently, the influencer starred in yet another chapter of her lawsuit against the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and rebutted accusations that she had acted “in bad faith” after asking for the right to free justice.

Former Deputy Miss Bumbum exposed a July 2020 conversation with Cristiane Cardoso – daughter of the founder of the IURD, Edir Macedo – in which he shows a negative balance of R$ 10 thousand on his bank statement to prove that, in fact, he does not have R$ 50 thousand to pay the court fees.

I’m 20 reais away from blowing my overdraft. What I earn at Record is unfortunately not supplying. And with my last bonfires, my biggest sacrifice is now… I never in my life thought I would go through a situation like this“, she said in the message.