Pregnant, Andressa Urach reveals her son’s name: ‘I wish it were Bolsonaro’

Andressa Urach, who is pregnant with her second child, a boy she will have with her husband, Thiago Lopes, revealed this Tuesday (31) the name that the couple chose for the baby: León.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, alongside her husband, she tells details about her pregnancy and the choice of her name.

“I wanted Leão, lion of the jungle, but Thiago wouldn’t let me. Imagine him being tiny and me saying ‘Son, make a little lion for daddy’. It wasn’t a girl, to be Mimi. Male came. Arthur [primeiro filho de Andressa] suggested, and will be called León. It means brave as a lion”, said the model.

In the video, Andressa and Thiago comment on the fact that they are open pocketnaristas and the model jokes that she wanted to call her son Bolsonaro and that all the room’s decoration will be blue.

“I wish it was called Bolsonaro! I’m kidding… I’ll buy all the decorations from Leãozinho, blue… boy blue”, says Andressa, who promised to create an Instagram account for her son.

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