Program does ‘rape demonstration’; broadcaster removes presenter

A Côte d’Ivoire television station apologized after broadcasting a program in which a man portrayed as a “former rapist” explains how he assaulted his victims, using a mannequin for the demonstration.

The action, broadcast in prime time yesterday on the cable channel Nouvelle Chaine Ivorienne (NCI), sparked protests across the country, including a petition signed by 30,000 people demanding that the presenters be punished.

During the program, presenter Yves de M’Bella gave the guest a mannequin. Laughing, the show’s commander helped the man to place the piece on the ground and asked him to explain in detail how he raped his victims.

NCI boss apologizes

At the end of this “demonstration”, the man was even asked to give “advice” to the women to avoid rape.

The petition was sent to the country’s media regulator and communication and youth ministries, asking for the show’s cancellation and the resignation of its presentation team, headed by Yves de M’Bella.

NCI senior management apologized today, saying it was committed “to respecting human rights and, in particular, those of women.” The note also expresses “solidarity with women who are victims of violence and abuse of all kinds”.

For now, the only suspension was the presenter De M’Bella and the edition of the program will not be re-run.