Raffle awards with pigs, cracklings and broody hen make councilors burst out laughing during a session in SC and viralizes | Santa Catarina

Reading the prize of a raffle held by a school in Nova Veneza, in the south of Santa Catarina, made parliamentarians burst out laughing during a session at the City Council on Tuesday night (31) and went viral on social networks.

A video shows the moment that the councilor and teacher Elisabeth Bortolotto (PP) reads each of the 15 places in the raffle that will be drawn. Among them are pigs, crackling, broody chicken with chicks, salami and cheese (look above).

Laughter in the plenary while councilor read the list of awards — Photo: Câmara de Vereadorea/Reprodução

The raffle, organized by the association of parents and teachers, with the theme “Fazendinha” was chosen by the school because of the award, which included donations made by the city’s residents.

“First place, a pig. Second place, a pig. Third, a pig. Fourth, a duck, plus a salami, another cheese. Fifth place, an angolista, plus a cheese, plus a dozen eggs. place, an aquarium with fish, more salami. Seventh place, a two-kilogram tilapia, plus a dozen eggs, plus a cheese”, reads the councilor (see full list below).

List of awards listed by councilor in Nova Veneza — Photo: Câmara de Alderman / Social Networks

The session was even interrupted due to the laughter that intensified when the councilor said: “Eleventh, a broody with chicks“. Councilor Evandro Gava (PP), president of the Chamber, had to ask his colleagues for attention.

According to the director of the Bairro Bortolotto Municipal Basic School, Jussara Laíde Savio, the raffle has been held for about three years and takes place on commemorative dates. According to the director, the amount collected in the current edition will fund gifts and food for students on Children’s Day.

The price of each issue is R$ 2 and sales are expected to end on September 14th. According to Jussara, the draw will be made through a transmission through social networks on the school’s profile on September 20th.

Until this Wednesday (9), the school distributed 6 thousand raffle numbers to employees and students of the school. Even without a balance of how many tickets have already been sold, the director affirms that the expectation is that it will exceed the number of numbers initially foreseen.

“So far we have distributed 6,000 numbers, but it could increase. We are selling [rifa] for people from Acre, São Paulo,” stated the director.

With 403 students from 6 to 15 years old, the raffle is distributed to students who participate in a competition between the rooms.

According to the director, the group that sells the most numbers will be awarded a night at a pizzeria. With the success of the action, the direction plans to “contemplate more students”.

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