Rajon Rondo makes special request on his return to the Lakers


The Lakers officially announced that Rajon Rondo is back with the team this Tuesday afternoon.

Rondo has agreed to sign a $2.6 million one-year deal, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Rondo expressed his enthusiasm for playing for the Lakers again and said he wants to win another championship. In addition, he made it clear that if he wins another title, this time he wants to have the right to a parade through the city, which did not happen in the 2020 title due to the pandemic.

“Rajon Rondo on his return to the Lakers: ‘We can’t make our show after a great year and be champions. I want a new title. I want a show here in LA I think we have a special team that can make this happen.”

The veteran point guard was instrumental in the Lakers title in the Orlando bubble. He averaged 7.1 points, 3.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game during the regular season. But it was in the playoffs that Rondo stood out, averaging 8.9 points, 4.3 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game. He was also a good weapon for the team on the three-point ball, with a 40 percent advantage.

The Lakers renewed their roster again this offseason in search of a new title. After switching to former MVP Russell Westbrook last month, they have also acquired several veterans to help the team this season.

Clearly, Rondo’s goals are aligned with the rest of his teammates. If the Lakers end up winning it all this season, the show will certainly be guaranteed.

NBA publishes ranking of best teams in league for next season

The Lakers have revamped their squad for next season and are going all out for the franchise’s 18th championship.

The biggest acquisition was Russell Westbrook arriving via trade with the Washington Wizards, but with just one player joining the team and three leaving, the Lakers board had to sign two more offseason players.

Kendrick Nunn’s two-year contract with MLE was the biggest financial impact this season among newcomers. Another who received a new contract was Talen Horton-Tucker who had a three-year extension worth $30 million.

All other players arrived with veteran contracts. From Carmelo Anthony to Kent Bazemore to Malik Monk and everyone in between, a portion of the Lakers’ finances next season will be devoted to minimum contracts.

The Lakers look set to have a longer season than last, which was an injury-filled campaign. In the last Power Rankings made by the NBA for each conference, the Lakers placed second in the West. And that was how the league defended the team’s second place.

Main question: How will Westbrook and James work together?

If the Lakers weren’t once again the best team in the West (and maybe they are), they at least have returned to being one of the league’s most fascinating experiments. Looking back on Westbrook’s only season playing alongside James Harden in Houston, his possession time dropped, but his usage rate was still high, and his percentage of actual pitches (53.6%) was his. the highest score in the last four years, in part because he made it closer to the basket, with 47% of shooting attempts overall (the highest career mark) coming from the restricted area. If the Lakers can get him that far into the basket, they’ll be in great shape.

Westbrook understands that a key component of his role is making LeBron James’ life easier. Both need the ball most of the time to make their presence felt on the court, but Westbrook’s long-range shooting problems are the lingering question mark for this new trio to thrive.

The Phoenix Suns took first place, which was expected given their run to the 2020 NBA Finals last season. Lakers and Suns meet in the opening week on Friday, October 22nd.

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